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The Huntsville Fiber Guild

November Newsletter
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November Newsletter

OPEN SHEDS November 2004
November Meeting Details
When: Saturday, November 20th 10 am to 12 pm
Location: Huntsville Madison County Public Library Room D

Activity: Baskets, Baskets, Baskets

What to Bring: Brown Paper Grocery Bags and Scissors

Meeting Details:
Bring your antique basket collection or your favorite basket or an unusual basket or a basket book. Let's take a fresh look at construction methods and materials.
The project for the day will be a paper bag basket. Just bring 5 brown paper grocery bags [to replace the ones that Florence is letting us use], and scissors. You might also bring some funky or pretty or decorative STUFF to personalize your creation.
November 20th, 10:00 to noon at the Huntsville public library on the 2nd floor in meeting room D.
PS no materials fee for this!!!

President's Message:
I have had some fiber filled days this month, despite missing the October meeting. I spent two days demonstrating natural dyeing for field trip days at the Burritt. This always serves to inspire my spinning again, so I've spun some Osage orange dyed roving, and I'm getting ready to spin some indigo dyed roving. I wound all of the Osage orange thread into a lovely little egg-shaped ball on my nostepinde, and then I plied it pulling from the inside and outside of the ball at the same time. Do you have any odd little accessories that you purchased because they were charming or interesting? And then didn't use them for a very long time? Well, that's the story of my nostpinde. It's a wonderfully simple tool, really just a wooden peg, for winding balls of yarn that can be pulled from the inside or outside. I've had it for several years, but I tend to use my mechanical ball winder most of the time. But with my rather delicate, slightly overspun single, I was afraid the mechanical ball winder would produce horrible knots. So out came the nostepinde, and it worked great!
My fiber adventures in October continue tomorrow with a fiber day at my daughter's school. Several other moms and generous volunteers, including Elaine, Cyndi, LeeAnn, Melissa, and Sarah, will help teach spinning, weaving, knitting, and felting to a group of twenty-five fourth graders. For me, teaching always serves to renew my interest in the fiber arts. That and the fact that the kids really enjoy this event make the preparation work worthwhile.
So that's a slice of my "fiber life" this month. I hope to see many of you at our November meeting! ~Beth

Color Gamp Fun
We had a great time at the Huntsville Library. A special thanks to Kathy for arranging the program and bringing materials even though she was sick. The 9 participants (2 new members) had a great time pouring over the color gamps woven by Colleen, Darlene, and Betty. Also Virginia and Alison sent their gamps even though they could not attend. We had a great time exploring the different color combinations. Kathy brought the results of the dye project at the senior center. They dyed different types of fibers with synthetic dyes, food coloring and shaving cream. They were wonderful. Be sure and ask for the foamy details. We also had a lot of show and tell. Darlene’s cute baby bibs (with sewing help from Betty) were a big hit. I wish I could mention everything. As a special surprise Kathy from BeautiControl Cosmetics and 2 assistants appeared and did every one's colors Now we know the right colors for our next clothing project. It was a lot of fun.

Bookmark Challenge
The HFG Executive Board challenges each guild member to make two bookmarks, one to exchange and one to donate to a literacy program. The bookmarks should be handmade of your choice of fiber and will be exchanged at our March meeting. So be as creative, extravagant, and daring as you like! Use up those little bits of fiber that won't even make a hat! Half the results will go to a good cause while the other half will go to a fellow Fiber Guild member. We hope you will be able to participate.

Spinning/Knitting Support Group
The Spinning/Knitting Support Group will meet Monday November 8, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at Huntsville PublicLibrary (Monroe and St. Clair) in Meeting Room C

Kudos to One of Our Members
Celia Dionne received the 4th Place ribbon recently at the Monte Sano Art Show for a Fun Wrap titled "Feathers for Fly Fishing."

Item for Sale
'Tools of the Trade' 4 - Harness Table Loom with 36 inch 12 dent reed and extra 24 inch 12 dent reed. 10- inch wide heddles. 1 Rug/rag shuttle, 2 spool shuttles with extra spools, 2 heddle hooks, reed sley hooks, adjustable two spool warping mill and various instruction and pattern books.
$550 for all or best offer.
E-mail: if you know anyone that is interested.

Editor Request
If your name appears in the Huntsville Fiber Guild contact list at the top of the page and I have missing or incorrect information please contact me by phone or email. I have many missing phone numbers and I would like to update the information. ~Colleen